Buy Online Busted - Night Driver 180g White Vinyl LP + T-Shirt


Night Driver 180g White Vinyl LP + T-Shirt


Release Date: 25/11/2016



- Night Driver 180g Heavy White Vinyl LP (Ltd Edition)
- Night Driver T-Shirt

Busted are back! The original line up of this incredible threesome that took the UK charts by storm in 2002 is back with a new album and new sound and better than ever before.

Having completed an eighteen date sold-out Arena tour this year the band have put the final touches to their third studio album.

Written and recorded in LA with with US producer John Fields the band have produced their best studio album to date, leading the project with their first single, the infectiously catchy ‘On What You’re On’.

LP Tracklisting:

Side A

1. Coming Home
2. Night Driver
3. On What You're On
4. New York
5. Thinking of You
6. Without It

Side B

1. One of a Kind
2. I Will Break Your Heart
3. Kids With Computers
4. Easy
5. Out of Our Minds
6. Those Days Are Gone